Rhode Island School of Design


School Name: Rhode Island School of Design

Location: Providence, RI

Enrollment: 2,005 Undergrad

Tuition: $44,284

Class of: 2014

What are the academics like at your school?

When I entered as a freshman RISD was ranked as having the highest workload in the country among colleges followed by MIT. Classes are eight hours and homework usually limits sleep to a few hours a night but it is all more than worth it and the nature of what the work is makes it never feel much like work. Most everything will be done in studio or in groups so academic and social life are pretty intertwined. 

What is the Greek scene/nightlife like?

We don’t have one. It’s not that kind of place. Brown has a few and our campuses/ social scenes overlap. I think someone tried to start a frat a few yers ago as a joke.

Describe the housing options at your school?

You are required to live on campus until sophomore year. Housing is hit and miss. Most people move off campus. Providence has a massive college population and I do apartments isn’t difficult or too expensive.

What do students complain about most?

I haven’t known many people to complain about general things about RISD 

Describe the students at your school.

Mixed like anyplace else. Everyone here seems to be intelligent and most are pretty unique. There are a lot of international students. The schools majors decide into fine arts and design. There’s a nice range from totally weird and artsy in the best way to beautifully typical people. It’s a small school so you et to know just about everyone at least in your year.

What are dining options on campus and off campus?

Fresan year is unlimited. Vegan friendly, lots of healthy options, we have a main dining hall a second Cafeteria a sandwich shop and a coffee shop/cafe. Providence has lots of places to eat and is pretty well known for what it offers on the culinary side of things.

What is your overall opinion of your school?

Amazing and a great opportunity. A great community.