Moving Forward

Dave Anderson from Supply Chain Ventures.

It’s been a few days since our last blog post but we are excited to give an update on what to expect in the coming months from nxtfour.  In the next few weeks we will be meeting with high schools, parents and students to demo our website and show them just how well nxtfour will complement their college application.  Nxtfour will be the place for students to upload content and credentials that will not only help them showcase themselves to colleges but also to potential high school jobs and other activities that may require a resume.  Our goal is for students to simply show potential employers, or anyone else, their nxtfour profile, which will serve as a 3D resume, ultimately a display of who they are.

We will also be enlisting the help of campus reps at different high schools.  They will be incentivized with nxtfour merchandise and even a little cash, but most importantly the experience of working with an early stage startup.  If you know any high school students looking for some experience in marketing and general business then feel free to email us at   

On the business side, we have met with some really outstanding individuals as of late.  Most notably, Dave Anderson of Supply Chain Ventures (see picture).  He is a Boston College alum class of 1973.  He is very influential in the biotech and supply chain startup space but is knowledgable in many other fields.  He provided us with invaluable advice and shared our vision.  Coming out of the meeting we have realized that there are two crucial and delicate tasks at hand: developing a strong business plan and a plan for customer acquisition.  Enough of the business talk…look out for nxtfour on twitter @nxtfour and on Instagram @nxtfour!