On The Cusp Of A Movement

Nxtfour is thrilled to announce our latest site development. Users can now take the content they have uploaded onto their Nxtfour profile and generate an automated resume that will display your photos, videos, and text descriptions in a professional format that can be printed or attached to a digital application. It’s quick, simple, yet an innovative way to showcase your talents and achievements to employers and colleges. There’s a movement in the higher education application process that’s gaining ground. It’s one that’s wiling to look at students more holistically, more genuinely, beyond test scores and transcripts.

Goucher College, a small liberal arts school on the East Coast, recognizes this, too. Just last month it announced a new policy that allows prospective students to submit a short video and writing work, rather than a transcript. At Bard College, in New York, students can now choose to submit four essays on an academic topic in place of a traditional application. And there are over 150 colleges and universities ranked in the top tier by U.S. News that are test optional or test flexible, including renowned schools like Holy Cross, Middlebury College, and New York University (NYU). More and more schools join that list every year.

We at Nxtfour are on the cusp of this movement. We want you to celebrate your individuality, to showcase the real you, to inspire others, and to aspire to greatness.

Inspiration and aspiration works both ways. That’s why coinciding with our latest development, we are re-thinking the way our blog will work. It will serve as a forum for discussion about the college application process and the general college experience. That’s why we’re currently putting together a team of writers from diverse backgrounds who will share their unique perspectives on college and the application process through this blog. We’re committed to bringing you relevant and interesting material that will help you navigate the ups and downs of the process and learn more about what’s possible in your next four years.

We know you’re constantly striving to be the best you. Well, we’re no different. We’re constantly working to update the site’s capabilities and to bring you the most innovative experience. We don’t like conventional, either; we’re all about inspiration, aspiration, and greatness. Join the movement, won’t you?

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