Michael Petronaci Joins Team As CTO

Nxtfour is excited to announce its newest team member, Michael Petronaci, who will join the Nxtfour team as CTO. Michael has worked as a Program Manager at Akamai Technologies as well as serving as an advisor to Select Electronics Corporation and Wordinaire. Michael has been a great addition to the Nxtfour team. Aside from his developing experience, Michael brings enthusiasm and several ideas for the future of Nxtfour to the table. Michael will lead the development of nxtfour.com, as Nxtfour begins to onboard high schools and students this fall.

After receiving user feedback and presenting the website to several high schools along the East Coast, Nxtfour is making a few changes and additions to the website. These changes include a more secure onboarding process for high school students and counselors as well as an automated resume feature. To ensure a more secure, safe, and fun experience, Nxtfour is taking steps to ensure that each Nxtfour profile represents a student at a given high school who has been approved by the school’s administration. The automated resume feature gathers a student’s activities and experiences into a printable resume form. Michael and his development team are undertaking a two-week sprint in order to make these features available to high school students who are beginning their college applications.



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